When boards and their CEOs are aligned and focused, the entire organisation blossoms.

Board Development

The Board is the most critical element of any company. When boards and their CEOs are aligned and focused, the entire organisation blossoms.

Board effectiveness depends on a wide range of factors. Our bespoke suite of Board Services takes a holistic view of your current organisational state, your business strategy, and your leadership and governance needs. Board Services include:


  • Corporate Governance Development
  • Independent Board Assessments
  • Board and Non-Executive Director (NED) placement (in conjunction with our partners The Phillips Group)

Corporate Governance Development

The critical roles of a Board of Directors are to provide leadership, guidance and oversight to the organisation.

An effective Board operates within a structured framework and processes to optimize the way that this is achieved in a proactive and consistent manner.

Best practice in Corporate Governance has developed over many years, and we work closely with Hawkamah Institute of Directors in Dubai to ensure that companies benefit from this experience.

We develop Corporate Governance structures for listed or privately owned organisations, which typically include detailed protocols on the following topics:


Board Structure

  • The Role of the Board
  • Establishing a Balanced Board
  • Board Size
  • The Role of the Chairman
  • The Required Attributes for Board Members
  • Recruitment and Appointment of Board Members

Board Committees

  • The Audit Committee
  • Corporate Governance, Remuneration and Nominations Committee
  • Other Board Committees as required

Board Processes

  • Frequency and Timing of Board Meetings
  • Board Secretary
  • Agenda and Board Minutes
  • Board Discussions
  • Delegating Responsibility to Board Committees
  • Board Review

Board Assessments

Board performance depends both on creation of an effective governance structure, but more critically on the experience, skills and capabilities of the Chairman and other Board Members.

Board Assessments can be used to analyse current status and recommend actions that will better align and improve overall Board performance. Our process will also improve team dynamics and interpersonal relationships, all leading to a better performing team of board members.


  • Review with Chairman
    Typically, our Board Assessment would start with the Chairman as we clarify the vision, mission and strategy of the company.These form the bedrock on which the Board’s performance will be assessed, and could also be used for a parallel assessment of the senior management team. We also take account of the key risks and opportunities facing the organisation, together with an analysis of the company’s ability to deliver a sustainable long-term competitive advantage. The effectiveness of the Board’s processes and the operation of its specialist committees are included in our analysis.
  • Board Member Questionnaire and Interviews
    The next step uses a standard questionnaire, sent to each Board Member for completion, and forms the basis of individual discussions with each of them to elaborate their responses. It may be appropriate to include senior executives who regularly interact with the Board, in particular the CEO, CFO and Head of Human Resources.
  • Offsite Meeting
    The final stage of our process brings the Board together for a one-day offsite meeting in which all the data and information is presented.  The most challenging business issues are brought to the forefront of the discussion and areas where the board is fragmented or not aligned are highlighted.  Our consultants then work through a series of exercises to bring alignment and cohesion to the most important concerns.
  • Report
    A report is delivered to the Chairman highlighting the board’s focus, composition, team dynamics, and effectiveness, including an action plan. The Board assessment process is regarded as best practice when used on an annual basis and is tool that will help you drive peak performance in your organization.

Board and Non-Executive Director (NED) Placements

The composition of a board will determine its ability to be truly independent and its effectiveness in making a contribution to the performance of the organization.

Creating the right level of diversity and balance between personalities, skill sets and experiences across the board is paramount for success.  Our services (in collaboration with our partners The Phillips Group) can help to find the right talent for your Board.

Companies in the Middle East often look to add qualified Non-Executive Directors to their boards.  These are individuals with deep industry knowledge and possess an expansive power network across the region.  Whether it is opening new avenues of business or providing experienced insight into which industry practices should be followed, choosing the right mix of NEDs for your board can increase your competitiveness almost overnight.

When a Chairman steps down or a Vice Chairman feels it is time to leave the board our board selection and succession planning services can be of great value.  Engaging in a proactive approach when it comes to board placement allows you to deal with these issues ahead of time and will ensure that your company has the best mix of board members.