A highly interactive, memorable team day tailored to your requirements.

Improv Skills for a Stronger Team – One-Day Workshop

This is a highly interactive, memorable team day tailored to your requirements, using the combined business and theatre talents of Davos Consulting and The Courtyard Playhouse.

This workshop is beneficial for new groups who need to get to know each other quickly as well as mature teams needing to refresh relationships and thinking. It will improve your team’s cohesion and confidence; develop spontaneity and creativity as well as listening, trust and openness.

In this exciting, lively workshop the team will learn key improvisation and theatre techniques, empowering everyone to:

  • Become more confident and assertive
  • Take initiative and bring energy to their role, the team and the business
  • Be open and receptive to new ideas
  • Trust your intuition and use spontaneity in everyday interactions

Being able to improvise is a critical business skill. Listening and being open to others’ ideas is fundamental to any successful, connected team. In this workshop we develop each individual’s self-assurance and communication skills, as well as coaching participants to improvise effectively as part of a team, gaining confidence and trust in each other.

Workshop content varies according to the group but typically begins with a series of games and exercises designed to break the ice. The emphasis is on making connections and attentiveness.

We then teach the basics of improvisation: spontaneity, agreement, confidence and trust, through a range of highly active exercises. We help participants create stories through careful listening and cooperation. At the end of the session participants will deliver short one-minute improvised scenes.

The team then works on their stage presence through activities designed to offer practical, pragmatic guidelines for addressing an audience.

The final practical exercise is a semi-structured role-play in which participants move away from short comic improvisations to more focussed and sustained scenarios. Participants concentrate on making their interpretation original, engaging and dynamic; bringing together all the skills they have learned in the workshop.

We end with feedback. Participants deliver positive feedback to each other, reinforcing the themes of receptiveness and listening that have underpinned the whole event.


We will discuss your needs and design the elements of the day for your team. The workshop works best with a group size of 8 – 12, and is usually held at The Courtyard Playhouse, exit 41 of the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.