Coaching is an essential part of corporate leadership or executive development programmes.

For Companies

Coaching is an essential part of corporate leadership or executive development programmes.

It helps embed and sustain the group learning. Typically companies offer a series of confidential one-to-one sessions with a coach, who will access their 360° feedback and psychometric data. The coaching is aligned with the development programme and may follow the various models and modules as they are rolled out.

Alternatively coaching may be offered to an individual in various circumstances such as:

  • A high potential individual, who lacks certain skills or experiences
  • Recent feedback has shown a weakness in a key area
  • Performance and motivation which was high, appears to have stalled
  • Support during a particularly challenging period of organisational growth/change

If you’re setting up a development programme and you’d like coaching to enhance and sustain new skills and behavioural changes, we can provide a coach or a team of coaches to assist you.

For Individuals

From time to time we can feel stuck or uncertain in which direction to move forward.

Perhaps you’ve landed your dream job and now find it has more challenges than you expected, or maybe you didn’t get that promotion and wonder why?

We can help you to:


  • Lead multi-national teams: developing diverse leadership styles to achieve outstanding results in a tough market
  • Set strategic direction: exploring options, being clear about the plan, gaining commitment from the team and implementing the strategy
  • Develop executive presence: that elusive ‘gravitas’
  • Career direction: finding your passion, identifying possibilities and deciding a path
  • Manage staff: the tough conversations and motivating your team to perform at the highest level

What is included and required:

  • 10 – 12 hours’ coaching at a central Dubai location, e.g. The Courtyard Playhouse, or via Skype
  • Three way goal setting discussion at the beginning and the end to review progress
  • Being open to 360º feedback with your boss and colleagues
  • Completing selected psychometric questionnaires to deepen personal awareness
  • Putting the work into practice in between meetings
  • Reading and digesting the videos or reading materials

The approach:

Coaching can be liberating, even life changing, but it isn’t easy. You may need to examine your limiting beliefs and try new things. We will challenge and support you and offer breakthrough techniques, insights and honest feedback. We also consult our wider network to provide additional skills and experience if needed, such as:


  • Professional voice and drama specialists to coach you in presentation and voice projection
  • 360º feedback and in-company climate surveys
  • Powerful psychometric tools and profiling
  • Team events at The Courtyard Playhouse

Style and Personal Impact Coaching

First impressions are critical. You may be knowledgeable and sound convincing, but do you look the part?

So much of our judgement of whether to trust/ engage/ do business with someone, is based on first impressions: how you look, your body language and instant rapport.

Alternatively, you may want a little help to refresh your professional wardrobe especially if you travel a lot for business and you’re short on time and hate shopping! Men and women of all ages and sizes are welcome.

Louisa will meet you to consider your image and wardrobe conundrums and create a plan. Typically this consists of a three-stage programme:

  • Questionnaire and home/office visit to assess your body shape, best colours and personal style, plus any urgent and key wardrobe requirements. If conducted at home, this will include a review of your wardrobe to decide what to keep, throw or restore
  • Based on your unique style and requirements, I will do a pre-shop for you in one of the large Dubai Malls, identifying the best brands, capsule pieces, trends and must-haves for you to try
  • In one easy breeze-through, you’ll see how confident the right clothes can make you feel. You’ll collect everything you need for months of hassle-free, high impact dressing. We’ll then relax over coffee to review what you’ve learnt that you can take forward and find the right things for yourself in the future.

Current clients include a VP who travels constantly for business and needs to look fresh, vibrant and professional whenever she arrives or hosts a dinner event. Another is a 50-something lady who needs a practical, comfortable work wear wardrobe that complements her athletic frame. Another is a young working mum who recently arrived in Dubai and is finding the climate plus range of social and work situations a challenge. One senior businessman had never really updated his style in twenty years, despite changing size and a much more public, senior role. Whatever your situation, I’d like to help!